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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Fan Fiction Free For All

What is Fan Fiction you ask? It is a strange phenomena that has been sweeping conventions for years and has reached new levels of accessability on that strange beast known as the world wide web. Fan Fiction, of Fan Fic, is just what it sounds like. They are stories, novels, vignettes and songs based on licensed characters from movies, books, comics and television shows. All are written for fun and not for profit, and usually have disclaimers to that effect in their forward so that whoever owns said licensed property won't feel the need to hunt down the author and sue them.

If you are a fan of ANYTHING, chances are there are fics out there for you to read. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. Some of it is better than the source material it is based on, and in others the only thing you will recognize are the names. Still, if you can't wait till Episode III, or hate what Devin's done to Dick, or happen to be pining for a Scooby Gang reunion...well, its out there and it is free!

One of the best places to start is www.fanfiction.net, they have a little bit of everything. Now, I've heard from authors that it isn't always a friendly place to post, but for readers that isn't a problem. Once you've gotten your feet wet you can try searching for specific terms on google or yahoo. Before you get away from me and trying to search out some obscure A-Team or Night Rider fan fic to recapture the glory days of childhood, let me warn you about one thing. There are some terms you need to know before you go plunging into this bizarre land of never aired tales. The most important thing to keep an eye out for is "Slash" fiction. You may see it written as m/f, m/m, or f/f. Those m's and f's stand for males and females, folks, and the slashes...well, are usually indicative of AT LEAST a pg-13 rating. If male on male stuff bugs ya, well, I warned you here first. Funny how that Batman and Robin thing goes a bit past being a father and son relationship in certain authors hands.

Another term, one less frightening if equally confusing, that you might run across is "shipper." The is usually a term that an author will apply to themselves. Say you have a Farscape fan who roots, not for Aeryn and John, but a more unusual pairing like Aeryn and Crais (or John and Crais.) They would be a "shipper," which is a strange mangling of relationship that I've only seen crop up in Fan Fic circles. There are whole websites devoted to "shippers" in various fandoms. Batman and Wonder Woman have them, heck, even the Admiral and Col. Mackenzie from JAG have them.

Curious yet? You should be. All of this and more is at the tip of your fingers. If FanFiction.net is too overwhelming for you, I have included links to my favorites in a new link section to the right. Happy Hunting.


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