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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network

Justice League Unlimited is the new improved animated Justice League Cartoon, which in itself was the new improved Super Friends. After almost thirty years, those iconic four color paragons of truth, justice and the American Way were ready for an animation make-over. Drawn in the style created by Bruce Timm for Batman the Animated series which aired in the early nineties, the new Justice League has had some of the best storytelling around.

Sadly, new episodes are no where to be found. Originally slated to air in January, an episode featuring the Flash's rogues gallery has been pushed back to an as yet undetermined summer date. In fact, it seems that the whole fate of the series is up in the air at the moment.

I find it sad that such a great show isn't been given its due. To me it seems as if Cartoon Network doesn't want it to succeed. Four new episodes aired this fall over the course of two Saturdays. Two episodes aired back to back each day, with little advertising and no replay. Episodes from the last season aren't seeing prime time replay either. We missed two and have been unable to catch them at all. Now episodes that are in the can are being pulled and held indefinitely. How disheartening.

The only good news I *have* heard concerning the series is that boxed sets of the first season will be released in March. Be sure to run out and buy them! Maybe we can save the series with our wallets.

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