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Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas Music: A Charlie Brown Christmas album

Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of people. I enjoy many aspects of the season including the religious celebrations that are the basis for the holiday. However, today I'm just going to focus on some of the music I've been listening to.

Christmas music is a big part of the season for me. I've sung in choirs since preschool, and been involved in seasonal productions both big (Disney) and little (small town elementary school.) I frequently find myself humming Christmas tunes in the middle of the summer, much to the amusement of my spouse. Anything goes when it comes to Christmas music, too! I'll happily listen to orchestral arrangements, Brat pack recordings, Big Band styles swing arrangements, Christian pop recordings...even the over the top silly South Park album! Well, that last one I'll listen to only if my son's not in the house...

This year I have a new favorite. The compact disc of A Charlie Brown Christmas has been playing in our car's CD player since Friday night. It was an impulse buy at Starbucks (now I know why they are suddenly leading point of purchase CD sales!) but we do try to buy at least one new Christmas album a year so I don't feel bad about buying it. It's a fabulous little album containing all of the songs that one associates with the Peanuts gang, plus some lovely piano music I don't. The recording has a mellow yet festive feeling. Mostly instrumental, the few numbers with voices are still low key and not intrusive to the over all feeling of relaxation this album provides.

I'm glad that the Charlie Brown Christmas special has become a tradition in America. It's a lovely special that takes me back to my childhood, and tells a wonderful tale that I look forward to sharing with my own son. Nostalgia allows it to remain on the air year after year, and for this I am grateful, since if it were produced in this day and age the Peanuts gang sure wouldn't be singing about Angels or reading scripture directly from the Bible. Let's hear a cheer for tradition if it keeps those little big headed kids gathered around their little tree year after year.


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