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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Real Simple

I'm not a big magazine fan. Yes, I read cover to cover through my Entertainment Weekly as it comes every Friday. While I was pregnant I devoured Parenting and Parents magazines, and any other preggers/baby lit I could get my nervous little paws on. I still have a subscription to Parents but after a year or two of reading it I've found that everything has pretty much already been covered. None of the magazines I see at the checkout in grocery stores have ever appealed to me until recently.

Real Simple is an incredibly useful little publication. I've never picked up a copy and not learned something handy that I could apply in my day to day life. They have great recipes, realistic tips on cooking, shopping and living easier and even on a budget. It's not about parenting, though as a stay at home mom there are plenty of articles on organization, saving money and saving time that I adapt and use regularly. It's not about being a woman, or a cook, or a wife or any other category. Instead its just...simple, I guess. Real Simple. Pick up a copy today.


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