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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Door Number Two

It seems there's been nothing good out for a while (I complained of this earlier in the summer) and now, all of a sudden, many of my favorite authors have new books hitting the stands! I can't afford to buy them all either! How shall I choose?

Already out: Magic Study by Maria Snyder, River Secrets by Shannon Hale, a new Artemis Foul book by Eoin Colfer and The Dream Thief by Shana Abe.

Coming October 3: Nora Robert's Dance of the Gods, Mercedes Lackey's Aerie, Diana Wynne Jones The Pinhoe Egg, Sharon Shinn's Dark Moon Defender, LA Meyer's latest Bloody Jack offering and My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding by Sherrilyn Kenyon and others.

October 24 sees Tamora Pierce's Terrier, and Justice League season 3 on DVD. I thought LKH's latest was set for this date, too, but it's listed as December now. After that, through the end of the year we'll see such varied offerings as books from Elizabeth Lowell, two more Nora Roberts, the afore mentioned Laurell K Hamilton, Meg Cabot, and more.

I've just realized the answer! I shall cut and paste this page....voila! My Christmas list. Except for Terrier. I make it a point to pick up Tammy's books the day the come out. This will be no exception to that rule.


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