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Saturday, October 01, 2005

On Books

I haven't posted much about what I've read this summer, because while diverting, very little has been worth actually recommending. Things like Harry Potter hardly need an unknown blogger touting their horn, and apparently even the Eragon sequel Eldest has garnered a wider audience than anyone expected.

Since May I have read Julie Garwood's newest novel Slow Burn, many of Karen Robard's, all but one of Linda Howard's and a slew of Luann Rice books. The first three writers all fall into that mystery/suspense/romance and after more than one of any book by these fine ladies I start knowing "who done it" far too early in the book. Still for fans of Julie Garwood's other FBI books, I can't reccomend Slow Burn enough. Luann Rice writes much more personal tales of personal growth and families, although they too are romances and have some have their share of suspense or mystery. Be warned that the two newest novels: Summer's Child and Summer of Roses, along with the reissued Stone Heart deal with very uncomfortable (for me) tales of spousal and child abuse.

One of the more interesting things I've read recently was loaned to me by a friend. 9 Highland Drive by Michael Winerip. Mr Winerip is a writer for the NY Times who took two years off to live in a group home for the mentally ill, and this work documents that time. It is a very interesting read, if uncomfortable for me at time. A very deal family member of mine has had many encounters with various mental health hospitals, and the sections where the author describes visitng the locked hospital floors were an uncomfortable reminder of parts of my childhood.

A new author I saw in a Denver bookstore, and then looked up when I returned home is Shannon Hale. She has published three delightful novels for the young adult market: The Goose Girl, it's sequal Enna Burning and a stand alone tale called The Princess Academy. These three, all available at my public library, were probably the freshest tales and most fun I had reading of anything I have listed here.

It has been a long summer and it seems as if I have spent most of it waiting for big "event" releases. First there was Harry, and then a lesser event to the public but highly anticipated by me the new novels by Diana Gabaldon (A Breath of Snow and Ashes) and Tamora Pierce (Will of the Empress), the later of which was pushed back from September release date to October. With my recently aquired and hard earned birthday money (you don't think it was hard earned? I had to turn 32 to get it!) I ordered both of these from Amazon and find myself frustrated that they haven't shipped yet, in fact the estimated arrival date is October 20. What happened to the old pre-order policy of "order it now and we will ship it when it arrives." If this keeps up it's going to be back to the local Barnes and Noble for me. Or even Costco, which already has Snow and Ashes!


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    Thanks, Tom. I'll be sure to check yours out. I'm glad to have had you stop by. Things aren't always so book oriented, but it's been hard to get out to movies lately and there is only so much one can blog about a computer game.

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