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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

David Mack's Kabuki

It occurs to me, that while I have spoken often of Tamora Pierce in this space, I have not previously lauded the talented David Mack. Thus some of you may be unfamiliar with his name, aside from the mention in my last post.

David Mack is the creator of the graphic novel "Circle of Blood" featuring the character Kabuki and her associates. The book artfully blends a tale of adventure, espionage, friendships, family and betrayals against a lush and richly imagined near-future society. To write this story off as a comic book is to do yourself a disservice. Circle of Blood is an epic told by a very talented young man who happens to have more than one gift through which to tell his tale.

The art of the first book is mainly done in carefully inked panels. In the following installments Mack broadens his artistic repetoir with equal brilliance, employing paint, collage and other more elaborate forms of art for which this former music major has not the names.

The Kabuki series starts with Kabuki:Circle of Blood and continues in Kabuki Vol 2:Dreams, Kabuki Vol 3:Masks of the Noh, Kabuki:Skin Deep, Kabuki:Metamorphosis, and Kabuki:Scarab. The as yet unfinished "The Alchemy" is currently being released in comic book form from Marvel Comics and will also be collected when complete.

While some of the characters *are* scantily clad in traditional comic book manner, they are all very roundly written, complex women. I would recommend these wonderful books to fans of novels and comic books, male and female alike. They truly have something for everyone. The books are also what I would designate as "keepers," as they improve upon rereading. With such wonderful visuals, there are always new nuances to focus upon. Do not be intimidated by the abundance of volumes! Kabuki: Circle of Blood is a complete story and can be enjoyed as a stand alone epic.

In addition to finishing The Alchemy, David Mack is working with 20th Century Fox on a live action Kabuki feature film.


  • At 9:08 PM, Blogger terry2000 said…

    Kabuki is like the best set of graphic novels made!
    Glad you mentioned it.

    Check out this fan site called davidmackguide.com.

  • At 3:39 PM, Blogger Talia said…

    I agree completely. The Kabuki trades are utterly beautiful, poignant and captivating. Mine live on the bookshelf next to my bed, and I'm surprised I had not thought to review them here previously.

    Perhaps readers who might not normaly pick up a graphic novel will give them a try.

    Thanks for both of your links, BTW. It's nice to know I have a reader or two out there.

    - T


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