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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is probably best known for her spunky teen series "The Princess Diaries." Having a novel made into a full length Disney summer movie helps in that regard. However, her new mystery series which begins with Size 12 is Not Fat is aimed toward adults. Not quite mystery, not quite chick lit, the novel is a frothy, delectable treat.

I've seen criticisms about this book in that the mystery isn't meaty enough, or the heroine is not quite believable as a sleuth. Come on! Meg's new mystery is written in the same tongue in cheek humorous vein as the popular Chocoholic mysteries by JoAnna Carl. These kind of books aren't made for the folks who debate techniques seen on CSI! This is fun, girly escapism. I found it met that criteria and took it a step further by being witty, engaging and memorable. I even look forward to the sequels Ms. Cabot has planned.

Size 12 tells the tale of one Heather Wells, a former teen pop sensation. In the Avon trade copy I purchased there is an author exclusive where she explains how she came up with the idea. For Cabot's fans, this honest look into creation is worth the price of the novel...but I digress. While the idea seems more Tiffany than Britney Spears, it is, nonetheless, a catchy one. The heroine has fallen on hard times, her record company ditched her when she wanted to sing her own songs and her mother took off with her moola AND her manager. Now employed as a dorm assistant at a New York college, Heather has stumbled into a murder mystery...and that's just the first chapter!

Heather is likeable, if somewhat lazy. She takes baths instead of showers because showers take too much effort, what with all the standing up. Heather is at times pithy, punchy and pitiful and for all of the bizarre circumstances seems very real. As I've already mentioned, I look forward to the sequels Meg Cabot has planned: Phat Chick and Big Boned slated for January 2007 and 2008 releases respectively.

If you enjoy this novel I'd recommend Cabot's other adult offerings: She Went All The Way, Every Boy's Got One, and The Boy Next Door.


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