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Friday, June 03, 2005

Ex-Attic-ly Right

We moved into a new house last July and discovered that we had more junk than we knew. Though my husband and I have been married five years now, what with one thing and another, our belongings were still spread throughout his parent's basement and mine. Then there was the storage unit we rented to put stuff in from our condo while it was on the market. In any case we moved into this house and STUFF poured in from every side.

Fifteen boxes came from my father's basement, along with a hand me down couch, end table and coffee table for our living room. The furniture was a real boon, but who wants to revist high school text books? Some of the accumulated debris we were able to convince my in-laws to keep on a bit longer, while we deal with the towers of material in the garage marked "OFFICE."

All of this to say that, while we've been here almost a year, we've yet to be able to park both cars in the garage. In fact, it has recently gotten so bad that the one that did fit is now on the driveway as well. There is so much stuff in the garage that I can't even get to the boxes to sort through, unpack or discard what is in them.

Fed up with this situation I approached my retired father-in-law for some help. He loves having a project, and gladly agreed to help me outfit the attic area over the garage with "attic tiling" so that we could finally use it as a storage area. We spent a day perched precariously on a wobbly ladder (no pull down steps for this attic) or balanced carefully on the crossbeams in the actual attic. From these ackward positions we measured, lifted, arranged and rearranged the attic tiles.

My summer project has officially begun. Lets see how long it takes to clear out that garage! Hopefully I won't break a leg in the process.