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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bookaholic's R Us

If I were to list every book I have ever read, you would not have time to read a single one of them. You see, you would be too busy reading my list. As that would rather defeat the purpose of said list in the first place, we are instead going to focus on what I am reading, or re-reading as the case may be, at the current juncture in time.

I'm beginning to get the hang of this new little spot of the world wide web that I call home. To your right you will see some links, including my current literary focus. Feel free to check them out. I have also listed some of my favorite authors in my profile under "favorite books." Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sweet T

Greetings all. I happen to live in an area of the country where a certain beverage is very prevalent. It is called "Sweet Tea. " The locals gulp it down like the rest of the world breathes air! Recipes for this divine liquid are closely guarded and connoiseurs of a certain brands spend time speculating over the ingredients and brewing method.

Now, not being from these parts, I don't care for the drink. If I even drink tea at all I prefer it unsweetened, with a hint of mint. My husband, however, loves it. He drinks it in the morning instead of coffee, often taking a thermos of the stuff to work with him. Now, I've brought a certain amount of pleasant chaos into his life and when he gave me the nickname "Sweet T" some time ago I knew it was true love. Of course, my "T" stands for Trouble, not Tea, but still...

When it came time to pick a name for this blog we had to do some brain storming. Bookaholic, or Bookworm were a little too specific, and while I love my son I didn't want to be known as "Will's Mom." "Life, the Universe and Everything" was too long, not to mention sort of taken by Douglas Adams. Oh, there were other personal attributes debated upon in the naming, and you may learn more about them as we get to know each other, or as you get to know me (after all, blogging *is* a little one sided,) but they weren't the kind of thing one names a blog after.

So here we are: sweet trouble. Maybe I will bring a certain amount of pleasant chaos into your life, too.