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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer

Take one writer with a weekly food column and anger management issues, add in a frying pan, a drooling hound, a hitman, the mob, a wedding and a two flamingos and you have a recipe for a great time.

Agnes and the Hitman is the second collaboration between Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer. The combination of he said/she said writing leads to a fabulously humorous adventure where both the kitchen disasters, fashion faux pas and sex scenes read with the same deft touch as the guns, bombs and explosives. That's not to say that men can't write sex, or women can't write about guns. It is just an example of the various expertise these particular two writers bring into play. Cruise and Mayer together bring more to the table than they do individually, and as they are both very readable authors on their own this is high praise indeed.

Don't Look Down was their first collaboration, and should not be missed. In fact, there is a guest appearance from Don't Look Down in the new book, and not one the reader would expect. Check them both out! You won't be sorry and might learn a few new uses for a frying pan that you hadn't thought of.