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Friday, April 07, 2006

Avalon High by Meg Cabot

There's a great big, batten down the hatches kind of storm headed my way. I should probably be putting buckets over my tulips or some such, but instead it has put me in mind of the big, batten down the hatches storm in this delightful novel...

Avalon High is a new-ish novel by Meg Cabot. I saw "new-ish" because Princess Diaries 7 just hit the stands, replacing this one as "her new novel." This offering is more like the author's Mediator and Lightning Strikes series than the confectionery pleasures of the Diaries; that is to say it has a slight paranormal feel, while still being rooted firmly in modern America. Which is ironic, since, as the name suggests, it deals with the Arthur legend.

Avalon High opens as Elaine "Ellie" Harrison begins her Junior year in a new school. Her mother's constant quoting of Tennyson's Lady_of_Shalott drives her nuts, and she drags her dad jogging for his health. Ellie has a very likeable voice, and I only wish I had been as witty as a teenager. Things proceed at a very rapid pace as Ellie begins to meet people at her new school; there are parties, track tryouts, sailing adventures, ornery teachers, cheerleaders crying and a big, batten down the hatches type storm. I will say no more at risk of spoiling the plot.

I highly recommend this novel. I enjoyed it so much that I was very disappointed to come to the end. I wish it were longer, and there aren't many books that I say that about.


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