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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chode the Wet Sprocket

I learned a new word in Denver last week. Apparently the town is chock full of "chodes." Chode, I was informed by residents, is a term used to describe affluent young men that are out of school, gainfully employed, but still behaving like frat boys in their free time.

My brother in-law's formerly ritzy apartment complex is being overrun by these critters, prompting him to buy a condo in another area. As he had not yet moved, we got to see "Chodes" in action. They were indeed loud, obnoxious, beer swilling idiots. A shame really, since several of them were fairly good looking. It's scary to think of all of the worst pack behaviors of party-hearty college kids being enabled by professional paychecks!

Anyhow, what was really interesting for me was being able to observe language development in action. Five to ten years down the road, when Chode has become a common part of our slang you can say you read it here first.


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