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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Muppets at the Movies

Last spring's Muppet's Wizard of OZ was very disappointing. It was strictly for kids, with none of the zaney adult undertones that have made previous Muppet specials so entertaining. Luckily these new web shorts have all of that and more:


Statler and Waldorf (the curmudgeons from the Muppet Show balcony) review movies, gossip about Hollywood and yuck it up in these fabulous five minute clips. Check it out!

For more Muppet madness check out the new www.muppets.com (Disney money makes for a sweet website) or get the lastest news at the very nice http://www.muppetcentral.com/

The best news, though, isn't about new Muppet productions. It was the original Muppet Show that I fell in love with, and they are FINALLY being released on DVD in season boxed sets. Season One will be out in less than a month: August 9, 2005. My forty dollars and I will be waiting at a Best Buy near here. Woo.


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