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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Not-so-shopaholic Blues (and Red and Greens)

I've always thought that those highly organized folks who got all of their Christmas shopping done by the end of summer were a.) a little anal, b.) a little nuts, c.)missing out on the season just a bit, d.) too organized for their own good and e.) had too much money, 'cause who can afford to do that? My animals' shots are due in the summer, followed by a whole slew of August and September family birthdays so that always soaks up any extra moola we might have!

Despite this mindset, I came home from Costco today after a toilet paper run and realized that I'm pretty much done with our eighteen month old son's Christmas. What with one thing and another, including a buy one get one of Fisher Price Little People sets this past spring, the kid has more toys and goodies stashed around this house than he needs. In fact, some of this stuff may stay stashed and become part of his birthday next April! Holy Cow!

In various hiding places around the house we have for our son:

The Little People Village play set

The Little People Airport play set

24 hand puppets

2 tents and a connecting crawl tube

various books

Now, if only the in-laws and my parents were as easy to shop for...Hmm, It also occurs to me that the cats still need their annual shots. Oh well.


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