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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Artemis Foul by Eoin Colfer

The oddly titled novel Artemis Foul introduces readers to the most brilliant criminal mastermind since Holmes' nemesis Moriarty. The fact that Eoin Colfer's main character is only twelve is decieving since this book is a fantastic tale for all ages combining magic, high-tech gadgets and good old fashioned one-up manship into one amazing rollercoaster of adventure. The author himself has been quoted as describing the book as "Die Hard with fairies." I say Yipikiyay!

Artemis Foul's fifth adventure "The Lost Colony" provides the same rolicking good fun as previous instalments. Eoin Colfer's criminal mastermind is working on the side of the angels now, while his former foe, the fairy Holly Short, has opened a detective agency. Their new perspectives on life don't keep this unlikely duo out of trouble, and thus the story begins. Poor Arty finds the onset of puberty to be a distraction from his intellectual musings, while Holly begins to long for her days on the force. In addition to returning favorites Foaly and Mulch Diggums, Colfer delights with new faces such as the diabolical Minerva and a whole new race of magical creatures.

Not to be missed are the rest of Colfer's Artemis books:

Artemis Foul

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