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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer delivers the most riveting and lovely novel I've read in awhile in her first offering, Twilight. It is followed up by the equally delicious New Moon and the soon to be released Eclipse*.

Twilight begins the story of the strong willed Bella, who moves from her beloved Arizona to live with her father in dreary Forks, WA. The Olympic Peninsula is misery for this sun-loving girl who has trouble adjusting to life in area known for having the highest average rainfall in the country, and great gloomy forests on top. There are other residents of Forks who count this fact as a blessing and the very reason for making their homes there...and so we meet the Cullens, a unique "family" of vampires whom Bella befriends.

For all that this book may fall into the popular new "urban fantasy" description, the characters are much more reminiscent of a modern Bronte offering. It stands in a class of it's own and I am one reader very thankful that Ms. Meyer laughs at the idea of stopping with just three books and plans on providing more literary joy for both myself and her rapidly growing fanbase.

* If August seems like too long a wait for Eclipse, be sure to check out Meyer's offering in the Prom Nights From Hell compilation by Meg Cabot. I also reccomend Sunshine by Robin McKinley for another unusual take on vampires (or any other book by McKinely for that matter.)


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